Specialist Lecturers-Mentoring staff & Technical assistants.

Specialist Lecturers

Peet Wolmarans



Gerry Joubert



Ian Alexander


083 306456

Phillip Crafford


083 2681183

Errol Pieters



Prof Ora Joubert



Mel Stander


084 7167985

Arno Pieters


084 2838109

Frans van Wyk



Carla Du Toit



Dirk Lustig



Heleen Van Helsdingen



Margo Kruger



Johan Wheeler



Raymond Smith



Shaun Kennard



Belinda Connel



Dr Steven

Dept Civil Engineering


Gerda Brink

Dept of Languages


Mentoring staff. (counselors)

Each year group has a staff member assigned as a mentor [counselor]. This person will be available for personal counseling and specific problems you may have, be they academic or personal. So if you need assistance and help, check the consultation times of your relevant mentor lecturer to make an appointment either personally or via the Departmental administrator, Ms Lemaria Labuschagne.  The mentoring lecturers will also monitor your academic performance and progress from time to time, and approach perceived potential risk students. 

Guidance staff member

Year group

Cellular number

Daan Steynberg  
Andre Roodt

1st year

082 8817241 
083 3370702

Sieg Schmidt  
Mostert van Schoor

2nd year

012 3825253 
083 6519933

Marinda Bolt

3rd year

073 1501138 
082 7628814

Pieter Greyvensteyn

4th year

012 3825253

Gerald Steyn

5th year

012 3825719

Gerald Steyn

6th year

082 2942574


Technical assistants.

The Department appoints technical assistants to assist the administrative and lecturing staff with certain duties. The staff member responsible for the administration and appointment of technical staff is Mr Moses Odebiyi. The rosters and duty times of the technical assistants are pinned up on the notice boards. Only diplomated and graduated students are eligible to be appointed as technical assistants. Advertisements are posted during October and interested students must apply in writing.





Reception and general





Byron Woods  
Jean Myburgh

Laser cutter



Lecturers’ assistants


Matthew Purdon




Printing and plotting